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Khomaniac game development diary: December 7th 2015

I call this the marshmellow gun, it's a happy little glitch I got on my way to getting proper camera ray cast point targeted bullets.

This code produces the glitch in the 2nd GIF.

Later that night...

December 8th 2015

December 10th 2015
Got this visual jump-ammo bar going, it keeps track of how many jumps you have left.

December 11th 2015
Things... Got... WeEeiIirRrdDd!!!...
Hehe. This was just a fun experiment where I added in navigation agents and primitive AI.

December 14th 2015
I started experimenting with adding new weapons to my game.
Razamanaz Gun is go. Glitchy but is go...

Eventually I will revamp this website with a proper layout, but for now
I'm just using it to keep track of my work and to quickly share my progress with others.
I like having all these GIFs, videos and images in one place it will be easier to sort out later.